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Who We Serve

Kairos Defense serves a multitude of industries including, small businesses, retail, manufacturing, medical, legal, financial, government, supply chain, telecommunications, insurance, call centers, charity and more. If you have a network of computers, we can protect your business from cyberthreats. 

Issues We Can Prevent

Stolen Credit Cards/Medical Data

Every year more than 200 million credit cards and Medical records are stolen, lost or exposed. Kairos Defense can protect your data and prevent misuse of sensitive information. 

Supply Chain

Our nations supply chain is a critical infrastructure that is constantly targeted by cybercriminals. Kairos Defense can protect the nations supply chain from cyberthreats preventing disruptions to thousands of businesses and millions of people.  

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is one of the most popular methods cybercriminals use to extort business owners. They take over your computer networks, encrypt all of your important data and then demand a ransom. Kairos Defense can prevent Ransomware attacks and protect your company's information.  

Let Kairos Defense Help Your Business

Cybercriminals now routinely target small and medium-sized businesses, which are typically more vulnerable to these assaults. Furthermore, ransomware attacks might kill a firm due to the financial strain imposed by direct and indirect harm.

Business executives must take a proactive strategy to prevent these assaults from compromising, disclosing, or deleting important data. Kairos Defense can help your business secure its data and protect your critical infrastructure from unwanted downtown. 

Schedule a free consultation today to see how Kairos Defense can help you. 

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